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Getting it looking like a car again will awarding enough.


I'll just finally got back my motor from the second machine shop (sometimes machine shops do shit work appearently). So here is the final setup- 1968 350 rocket pucnhed .68 over with Mondello forged pistons (10.5:1 compression), ARP connecting rod,main ca


shave everything i can without looking stupid, stretch rear wheel wells 1 3/4 inches forward to clear 22's, 3/16 rockers (inners and outers), exhaust cutouts in front of wheel well between door and rear wheel well opening. Stock cutlass power moonroof. I


In the garbage starting over with steel dash and neon expresso seats wrapped in black leather with grey suede inserts. no clue as to what i'm gonna do with the rest though.


I'll worry about that later. Anyone want to sponsor me? Come on you know you want too.


Airride consisting of one 12 gallon tank,8 smc 3/8 valves,3/8 lines, three viar 450 compressors, firestone 2500(front),F-9000 (back), and adjustable pressire switch. I am back halfing my frame, I am about done with the frame. i'm narrowing the width of th


Player 853's-20x8.5 in the front and 22x8.5 in rear.


Future Plans

Most of the shit on that list is my future plans. Some of it is done and the rest is coming very soon. The whole car is disassembled and under heavy contruction as of now. Finish date is supposed to be beginning of 2005 show season. But the second build o

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