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Who cares! I build my car for me. Trophies are for whiny bastards who need someone else to tell them that their ride is cool. I know my shit is hot!


2.6L V6,6-speed manual transmission, Rentech Chip, Evosport Pulleys,Remus Exhaust


Body kit by Rieger Motorspors installed and painted by Jason and Street Dreamz of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Aftermarket HID, clear lenses...blah blah blah


Black leather with several high end accents. Left the rest of it well enough alone so as not disrupt the stature of the car.


Kenwood KVT-910 DVD in the dash. Kicker SXRC amp controller on one SX1250.1 and an SX900.4. The low end is supported by 2 L7 12's. Mids and highs consist of an SS65.2 and a pair of SSMB6's. An optima Yellow Top 34 is the power source. Install performed by


Lowered on H&R Cup Kit with some grinding and hamemring to make the wheels fit!


19 x 9 Vault Safires wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport 255/35/ZR19's.


Future Plans

Painting the roof gloss black to give it the "pano" appearance. Replace stock hood with carbon fiber. Loose the chrome wheels in place of a multi-piece black wheel with a polished lip. Upgrade the brakes....then call the son of a bitch done!

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