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accel spark plug wires, NGK V-power spark plugs, iceman cold air intake, and i just bored out my throttle body, fixing to port and polish my heads, engine pieces and engine painted


black tribal flames on the sides, a tribal decal on the hood, you tell me what you think it looks like, an apc racing muffler, tint, hyper white headlights, and some amber fog lights. An aerospeed r1 racing spoiler


yellow painted dash, yellow and black seat covers and floor mats, just the little things right now, blue strobes and neons under the dash, lava neon next to the dome light, neon in the back dash, alarm, rader detector*NEW* matrix racing pedals, momo shift


nothing big, just a nakimichi deck, and two depth charge 10's with a 200 watt amp, and some memphis 6x9's, and some farenheit tweeters, fixing to get to kove armagedden 15's and a complete componet set from alpine, and two 2000 watt amps, and a fold out s


ractive strut bar, coilovers


fixing to get some MSR racing rims, they are going to be black and silver, painted brake rotors and calibers


Future Plans

Evo 5 body kit 2 kove armageddon 15's with a 2000 watt amp running to each, everything is going to be custom made, more neons(including an awesome varad underbody kit), 4 stage turbo straight from japan, nos(have the bottle, need the rest),Next mods are h

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