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A few little ones for Under construction. 3 or so for DB drags 154.7 . 2nd place extreme at a db drag local here like 3 months ago oh yea and lots of tickets and IMPOUND slips and FINES FTH!!!!!


looking for a small block or newer stock motor and trans and computer


BODY DROPPED!!! 3.72 just kidding, 3.75... inches. Shaved doors, bodylines, cab seams, antenna, moldings, gas door, doors locks, tailights, cowl hood, 93 s-10 front end. Cal Combo Tailgate skin, I did stars for my taillights in the skin.


bucket seats, shaved dash, fiberglass door panels in the works


2800 watts..all Audiobahn amps andspeakers, Pioneer 7400mp deck, 4 12" woofers, 2 1200 watt Audiobahn amps with a 400 watt Audiobahn amp for the highs, in a box in the bed ported to the cab. BBAASSSSSSS..... 1 farad cap, yellow top optima as a second


Front: 2500 firestone bags and 2inch spindles Rear: notched,parelell 4linked and bagged Rear bags are 8200 slam bags (11 inches of lift)laying frame and dragging the shhit out of it..


eagle 212 20's and 18's must sell $1000 firmemail me or IM


Future Plans

MAJOR WORK COMING: new box steel frame from cab back, conversion to short bed and more in the next year. suicide doors, crazy paint and moving up to 20s and 22s instead of 20s and 18s.. Remove the bed floor and frame it all, tilt bed to the right, t

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