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sorry guys i have recently went through a divorce and i no longer own the car. she has it now and it has completly went down hill. That car will never be anything without me she doesnt know how to take care of it!! 1-2nd place and 1-3rd place so far!!


She has drug a hole in the main ZEX line that goes from the bottle to the main unit. she doesnt plan on fixing it no more ZEX!!!3.0 V6 VTEC with ZEX Nitrous Kit, Weapon-R Dragon Intake, yellow wire loom, and RS Racing exhaust.


The paint looks like it hasnt been polished in 10 years and there is now a lot of scratches mixed with some sunfading Black w/Yellow accents tinted windows and taillights, custom headlight covers, euro clear bumper lenses, and GTR/FER wing!


The driver seat has a big rip in the leather the weapon R floor mats are probably lost by now LOL!!! Heated Charcoal Grey Leather with 5 Color Indiglo Gauges, yellow and black Weapon-R floormats and yellow seatbelt pads for now! Many yellow accents comi


She blew My Sound Stream amp some how i was pissed :( so no more bass 2 JL Audio 15's w/600 watt amp. Factory Bose head unit and interior speakers. ~For That Stealth Look~


She could not handle the air ride so i took it off it now has Arospeed coilovers turned almost all the way up Slammed with 4in. Air Cylinders in front and 5in. Air Cylinders in rear, 2-3 gallon tanks, 2 compressors, 10switch box w/front, back, side2side


It now has the stock CL 16in. 5 star wheels and big 205/55/16 tires 18 in. ENKEI ZOKU's with 215/35/18 NITTO NT450 tires


Future Plans

She better change the timing belt that now has about 150,000 miles on it now before she has major problems oh yea and she blew the tranny some how IM sorry if i let anyone down with this car i had big plans and it was one of the 1st CL's on here that h

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