mazdamandan's 1989 Mazda B Series Truck B2200 2 view(s) today


  • 1989 Mazda B Series Truck B2200
  • Color: flat black
  • Mileage: 750



rebuilt 2.2 removed air care optima battery


4x4 front fenders, toy front bumper stretched +2" and shaved and smoothed over no seams Shaved list, handles, b pillars, gas filler door, rain gutters, fenders, tailgate , box top, custom roll pan tilt bed


full custom sheetmetal dash, totally customised interior, in black micro fiber and almond leather, door panels under construction power doors and windows


Alpine only, Type -x comp speakers 6.5" and 1.25" mounted in dash and pillars, crossovers mounted in kick panels, type-R 10" sub


now bagged, fbi FBSS kit, notched, 4-link in chrome, new rear shocks custom mounted, still in progress


20s with 35 series lo pro's Voodoo 407s


power windows and keyless entry w power locks, of course, all work by myself, of course

Future Plans

mostly done or in progress, JDM FE3 swap, w /turbo

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mazdamandan   +1y
Added my 1989 Mazda B Series Truck!
devb22   +1y
Where are the pics brother?
baggedb22   +1y
hey man like the gauges im doing the same with mine right now! are u running a mechanical or electronic speedo? and how hard was it to set up???
hb   +1y
hey dude love the truck the dash is a little smooth for my style i like the lines but if u shave the door handles and other stuff it will be a amazing truck
mazdamandan   +1y
yeah she'll git a full shave job this summer!
toddluck   +1y
got any updated pics?????
mazdamandan   +1y
actually, I was wheel shopping and I bought primer sealer, more flat bleck paint and other misc painting accessories.
I'm considering Boss 315 rims right now in 18x8
[img:23stm1dx" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">img:23stm1dx]http://i92.photobucket.com/albums/l24/mazdamandan/boss315fromKX.jpg[/img:23stm1dx" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">img:23stm1dx]
draggin4life   +1y
looks likes thats going to be one hell of a ride. i got some motovation for my build keep up the good work hope to see some new pics
88mazdadaily   +1y
hey what material did you use for your headliner, underneath the microsuede? hardboard?
mazdamandan   +1y
actually, I glued the microfiber directly onto the vinyl headliner
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