87gmc4dr's 1987 GMC R35 1 view(s) today


  • 1987 GMC R35
  • Color: BLUE
  • Mileage: 125000
  • Club: Acrophobia



7.3 Diesel, compressor wheel and exhaust housing swap, AFE stg2 2 intake, Custom 5" exhaust, 6-pos. chip...


Grants tailgate skin, taillight fillers and rollpan, modified class V hitch, 99 caddy lights, stainless billet grilles, 06 front end, shaved 3rd brake light emblems and bedrails


All black interior, suede headliner and visors, white guages and 4 Isspro guages in the pillar.


Alpine W200 double-din, 4 polk momo 12s in suede box, 2 Alphasonik amps, Diamond components, Alumapro 5 farad cap and two yellow tops.


AIM industries beams, coils and flip kit. 5/8 drop total. Bilstein shocks


22" alcoas

Future Plans

Bags, paint, 24s, and more power. Im soon starting on a whole new frame with control arms instead of beams. Stock floor, on the doors, on fours!!!!

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87gmc4dr   +1y
Added my 1987 GMC R35!
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jcampbell1180   +1y
Congratulations. Looks like you figured it out. Still need to work on that caps lock key though. <!-- s:lol: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_lol.gif" alt=":lol:" title="Laughing" /><!-- s:lol: -->

No hard feelings...we bust a lot of balls over here.

Truck looks clean. You should try to put up a few more pics.
I like the color.
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