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do it big
  • 1988 Mitsubishi Mighty Max
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none yet havent showed her yet


its hooked up with scat forged h beams custom forged aluminum pistons 10.5.1 comp ratio ported AND polished head with a port matched intake and a FAT ASS CAM .AND A CUSTOM BUILT COMPUTER.


shaved the shit out of her everything i mean everything


fiberglass dash with a shit load of leather everywhere i mean everywhere big things


alpine deck # cda 7892 hook up to kenwood amp pushing 2 12 inch lanzar in a custom box hitting so dam hard.


dual port slams all the way around 3/4 lines fittings and parker valves i mean it a fucking hopper. triangulated full reverse link out back 8 inch notch and custom made brackets and lower control arms made by bad habit custom lays fucking frame .with 3


bonspeed 20 inchers on the way doing it big . big thing around here.


Future Plans

soon as i get the 20 inchers getting this bitch stocked floored and then ready for paint then time to show and get to dragging everywhere .

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Added my 1988 Mitsubishi Mighty Max!
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