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2 liter hampster wheel.turbo headers and exhaust. 4 speed manual goin in very soon.


shaved mirrors, embelems, wipers,hood squirted, sheetmetal tailgate molded into bed,painter chevy pure white for now.


fiberglassed dash done shitty (just got the stuff to do it right so i got a new dash and im doin it right)pulsar bucket seats chopped down,drilled out the tack welds to the old seat brackets and made and welded in my own,got new carpet to go in and new tr


pioneer head unit 2 tweets in center console and sony 5"s and klh 4"s for the mids just for now.... the Original cerwin vega 12"s still in the box on the way in reg box for now.


3 inch blocks and mono leafs with the helper springs in the back, turned the torsions in the front. bags and fourlink comin one paycheck at a time.


15x8.5 prgressives with rubberbands.... 16" z71s and tires are already bought just need tires mounted to rims.


Future Plans

you naame it 300zx drivetrain bagged with 4 link 4 15s in glassed box in the bed simple 2 tone old school paint job or maybe somethin a lil more old school. alot more but gotta get the green to get it done... runnin on hopes and dreams right now

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