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  • 1989 Dodge D50
  • Color: silver
  • Mileage: 325
  • Club: QCMA



Award for the biggest piece of crap turned into a half decent looking mini truck.


2.6 liter Mitsubishi Hemi. pace setter header, 3 inch straight exhaust with flow pro muffler. Accel coil and wires, bypassed the stupid voltage regulator. Weber 32/32 Carb, with custom adapter plate and mild port job on the intake manifold. Deleted emissi


Custom tail lights, white signal lights. New chrome bumper and ends. Chrome trimmed grill. Shaved the flapper things above the side rear windows. Hack job with the body filler. Ran out of patience. Every panel on the truck needed allot of work. Did my own


Added a tachometer and air fuel meter. Custom cup holders in the dash above the glove box. Holds 2 of the big Slurpee's


Junk old Sony explode deck, with 3" Planet Research speakers in the dash and 5 1/4" Sparkomatics in the rear. Pioneer 150 watt amp, 8" kicker CVR in bandpass box. i'm old and don't like it too loud.


Belltech 2" drop spindles in the front with 1 coil cut off stock springs, 3" drop blocks in the rear.


17" chrome.....I can't remember.

Future Plans

Sold it

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Added my 1989 Dodge D50!
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