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  • 1979 Dodge D50
  • Color: Black
  • Mileage: 0



Ford 302 bored .040 over, balanced blueprinted, 351w heads, 700 holley double pumper, NOS cheater 100hp, C4 racing tranny 3500 stall, Ford 9" rear with 3.25:1 ratio.


aftermarket ground effects, towing package, 30 gallon chevy van tank.


Factory d-50 sport package

Future Plans

Forced induction?

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65caliente   +1y
Added my 1979 Dodge D50!
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65caliente   +1y
Just switched the flat tappet cam out for a comp cams 290hr roller .544/.544 lift with 1.7 rockers = .578/.578 lift, Ported and polished 351w heads and switched the old torker 2 manifold for a performer rpm air gap...fits snug under hood.
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judgejoe   +1y
Nice Truck. Did you have to upgrade the brake system on it when you installed that v8?
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65caliente   +1y
Thanks a lot! The front brakes are original disc brakes while the whole rear end is out of a 78 Lincoln with disk brakes. They are all utilizing the original power brake system as well.
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irotagrup   +1y
nice, i want to do something mimilar to that with my 79, is it alot of costoming to fit it in there? or is it a kit i can get?
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65caliente   +1y
Thanks for checking it out! The custom work that had do be done consisted of welding proper engine mounts to the frame, a custom made drivers side header to avoid the steering box, and the 9 inch rear end out of an old Lincoln had to be narrowed to fit.
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