draginrunner's 1991 Toyota 4 Runner 1 view(s) today





1st under construction




Shaved door handles, tail lights, rear bumper, Body dropped 3 1/2" traditional and 2" stock floor, custom frame going back from the rear of the front seats.


Sheet metal floor from the front on the front seats all the way back, tubbed for 22's, Black vinly and blue tweed door panels and seats,


Firestone bags up front and Conitech bags in rear, 4 link and bagged off the upper links, 2- 9 gallon air tanks, 2- DC5000 compressors, 4 Parker 3 way valves, all bagged for 22's


18" Alba Bertha

Future Plans

Raise fenders and hood, reshape the tail gate to match tail light fillers, fiberglass dash or do a sheet metal dash and center console to the back seats, maybe drop a bigger engine in. 22's

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draginrunner   +1y
Added my 1991 Toyota 4 Runner!
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draginrunner   +1y
Lets see some truthful comments.
Just so everyone knows the fenders that are sticking up are my inner fenders, I'm going to be reshaping my outside fenders to clear
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94toy   +1y
Pretty sic runner, good job, I like the floor
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stll2hi   +1y
I love this damn thing....runner is my next project.
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