macdave06's 1993 Toyota Hilux 1 view(s) today


  • 1993 Toyota Hilux
  • Color: White for now
  • Mileage: 190



94 chevy LT1. moroso CAI and glasspack exhaust by the end of the swap. 4l60e and 3.08 limited slip 8" rear. aluminum radiator. staying stock til it doesn't scare me anymore.


4x4 fenders. gonna put 4runner or 4x4 bumper. roll pan. shaving the tailgate handle and gas lid. shaved doors. Lexan rear glass. elegante tail lights.


black Saturn seats, gray carpet, custom door pods, black/ silver dash(gonna build a gauge panel for digital gauges). red LED's under dash(kinda rice I know but it looks sinister), hurst v-matic shifte


Infiniti reference 5 1/4 components in door pods, 4" Infiniti dash speakers, 10" perfect subwoofer. still in progress. I'm mounting the sub box to the roll cage that's going in. power acoust


Full coil-over at all 4 corners. QA1 coil-over kit in rear on 8" Toyota rear end. no e-brake (need line lock). relocated gas tank to the rear. removed torsion bars and converted front to coil-ove


salt flat caps with punisher l


fully painted chassis. undercoated engine bay. wanna do the underside but I dunno if that's gonna ha

Future Plans

15x8's and the fattest rear rubber I can fit. rear disk conversion, prop valve and front line-lock. power steering. roll cage. some bed work, maybe sheetmetal. black phantom grille, smoked lights

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