framescr8pintoy's 1991 Toyota Hilux 1 view(s) today


  • 1991 Toyota Hilux
  • Color: primer
  • Mileage: 80000
  • Club: Severed Ties



none yet. took it to reso 06 and got a pic in minitruckin & tailgate magazine... good enough for me


stock. except for lc engineering header. and custom made intake. powdercoated valve cover. 2" exhaust to flowmaster muffler with dual exhaust exiting in front of rear wheels


shaved about everything i could, grant skin with led's, custom front bumper, full phantom grill


stripped. except dash and 94 civic buckets, havent even thought about what to do to it


none yet, not really worried about that right now, would be nice to have something to listen too


stock components up front with 2500's, rear has 4link with 2600's


17" enkei rs evolutions powdercoated black


46.25" to high spot of cab from ground

Future Plans

get motivation and some extra cash to fix it and finish it up enough to drive it.

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framescr8pintoy   +1y
Added my 1991 Toyota Hilux!
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vegasyota94   +1y
i see you figured it out..
framescr8pintoy avatar
framescr8pintoy   +1y
yup.... bout damn time.. stupid site still acts funny
vegasyota94 avatar
vegasyota94   +1y
u need to upload your pix again... baha changed servers so somethings got erased..
projekt94 avatar
projekt94   +1y
clean ride bro!!!! 2 questions.... what front end is that?? and what is size is the body drop??
vegasyota94 avatar
vegasyota94   +1y
he got if i remember its a izuzu bumper with yota lower valance(welded together), and its a 3 1/2 bd
framescr8pintoy avatar
framescr8pintoy   +1y
yup he's correct
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oldskewlkool   +1y
vegasyota94 avatar
vegasyota94   +1y
fix that shit box already
mazdaonfire avatar
mazdaonfire   +1y
looks good bro, any updates
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