floorrunner's 1985 Toyota 4 Runner 1 view(s) today


  • 1985 Toyota 4 Runner
  • Color: original grey
  • Mileage: 101



none yet going to my first show this year in visalia, CA Danger Zone 2007 as under construction. see what happens


94 toyota pickup 22re efi. wanted a honda s2000 enigne and tranny but the funds are not there yet lol.


shaved doors, thinking of suicide door and a tilt front end.


none yet. sheetmetal tranny hump and new floor from behind the front seats to the tail gate.


have a couple of kicker amps and subs under my bed new still in the box waiting for the day.


well the pictures speak for them self but its a stock floor body drop with a 94 yota pickup front clip and rear axle with the frame built from the firewall back out of 2x3 box.


20inches but haven't decided o

Future Plans

powdercoating is in the near future, along with some paint and primer then work on fibergla$$ing a dash.

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floorrunner   +1y
Added my 1985 Toyota 4 Runner!
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toyotaman89   +1y
wow, i want it!!! thet thing is gonna be f'n SWEEEET!!
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chopedmazda   +1y
are you going to have a rear seat? and it loks really good
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floorrunner   +1y
yeah, got to have a rear seat, if not i would have done a pickup. lol. the rear seats on these are small to begin with so there isn't going to be a lot of cushion on it.
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1time   +1y
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