2lowtoy's 1994 Toyota Hilux 1 view(s) today


  • 1994 Toyota Hilux
  • Color: lotts
  • Mileage: 56000
  • Club: No Regrets



07 heatwave 1st toy full open, 07 heatwave best of show mini, 07 heatwave shoot for Mini Truckin <--- by far the best award that can ever be givin. RESO 08 Best multi color paint. Then I got to ta


22re bored 30 over flat tops.port and polished head and intake.comp cam.header.intake.msd box.runs good


shaved this shaved that suied the doors,cowl hood up2 that thing is a piece of crap. Sheet metal box. with liner. Grant kustoms cal combo. 4runner front


RHD conversion. Fiberglassed dash. green viynle and troll hair on seats, Orange viynle and troll hair door panels. Overhead console for radio. Orange viynle and troll hair.


2 12" pionner spls. MTX 2300. Alpine deck. kicker 5 1/4 seprates. blow through box 1.85 cf ported @ 38hz. fiberglass front and finished console extension for sub box


typical now but 6yrs ago was nice. alter images 4 link and frt bag kits. Firestone 2500 frt 1/2 port. universal bags triples in the rear 1/2 port. I just wanted the lift. smc 1/2 valves 1/2 line. eng


17X8 B.A.D rockstars


my paint work was done by a Shop here in colorado Extreme auto work. Robert Vigil.

Future Plans

Its gonna sit for a little show a little in 08. Workin on my extra cab

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2lowtoy   +1y
Added my 1994 Toyota Hilux!
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yotamini   +1y
Sweet truck and the paint is bad ass
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chopedmazda   +1y
nice lookin truck. where did u get the troll hair
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blackls1   +1y
Dude I'm lovin your truck. Nice work.
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kdcgrohl   +1y
Congrats on the shoot man, new wheels look great too.
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nc dragger   +1y
when you want to sell it let me know <!-- s;) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_wink.gif" alt=";)" title="Wink" /><!-- s;) -->
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2lowtoy   +1y
thread post photo
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2lowtoy   +1y
thread post photo
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thread post photo
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2lowtoy   +1y
thread post photo
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