b2200gt's 1990 Mazda B Series Truck B2200 2 view(s) today


  • 1990 Mazda B Series Truck B2200
  • Color: Black
  • Mileage: 145000



The sitting in the garage gathering dust the longest award.




Bodydropped to the rockers...that's all I need




SD Superpivot 4 link 5-bolt conversion Bagged all around


Konig Verdict

Future Plans

part it or finish it??? 2" chop top, weld the bed shut, EFI conversion.

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b2200gt   +1y
Added my 1990 Mazda B Series Truck!
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mazdamandan   +1y
hey, awesome ride, I think I first saw it a year ago, on car domain, I like the quality of workmanship and takin it to another level with the turbo, very cool, nice to see ya on here finally, I'm in FSJ BC, not too far away. Ive saved every pic I could find of yer ride, and I've been usin them fer reference material for a while now Anyhoo, mad props bro good to see ya here!!
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toddluck   +1y
Nice ride
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v8mazda4ever   +1y
like the rear set up can you take a pic of the bottom mount on the rear shocks
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b2200gt   +1y
Here you go!
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madlowmazda   +1y
dude- those door panels rock man! That is the way I would build mine, very nice- factory parts put back into creative use- bitchin!
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maztang (ryan)   +1y
nice truck bro.
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91&93b2600i   +1y
Man, your truck is awesome. good work.
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nytrdr24   +1y
still one of the nicest mazda's, did you ever sell it? or are you gonna finish it?
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slammedb26i   +1y
Damn Siiik. What kina door panels are u running?