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  • 1986 Mazda B2000
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None yet!


Rebuilt 4 cyl. painted red, it's bored out 50 over, with a new set of racing pistons,lots of chrome plated parts including a 115 amp chrome plated Chevy Alt.


The all famous grey primer paint job, shaved door handles, gas tank filler door, all emblems and some of the body seams. have a new hood and both fenders, a electric antenea, A full skin combo from F.B.I. with a centered licence box. Show chrome mirrors,


Mainly stock with the exception of a red grant steering wheel,some red painted trim,center console to hold my switches,new home made door panels,and a pair of grey bucket seats from a Mazda RX-7. O yeah and my battery is now behind the passenger seat do t


Gone! Somebody else needed it more than I did Whomever has it enjoy... I will catch you someday!!


2500 lbs airbags in the front. 2600 lbs bags in the rear. 300 P S I competition 3/8 electric valves with manifold for F B S S enjoyment, 3/8 line throughout. A 6 gallon airtank. Chrome Viar 450 C compressor, A custom fabricated front air bag and upper c


17" Lexus I S 300 wheels with 205-40-17's


Future Plans

Oh, Where to Start? Finish off the rear with 2002 Lexus IS 300 clear taillight conversion, going to do suicide doors, finish smoothing off truck,sun roof,Fiberglass dash, center counsel,door panels, and sub box behind the seats,7" flat screen w/ PS 2, an

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