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i have replaced the tired old 2.2 litre motor with a rebuilt 305 small block with a 350 turbo tranny. just hope that the dogg will be able to hook up now


i have shaved the handles, emblems, tailgate, made a custom rollpan to mold the tailgate permently shut. i am currently bodydroppin the truck 4 inches, i have replaced the stock firewall with a straight peice of 16 gauge sheet metal, to make the firewall


workin on custom metal dash with a console that flows fronm the back wall to the dash for that total custom look.


sony cd player and mids and high


2500 bags in the front. some old torsion bar bag drop. lookin for some dropped spindles, if you know of any let me know. in the rear i have set up a four link that is made ffrom the rear suspension of a 97 grand prix wide track. i am currently workin on


stock for now but i want 18's or 20's's


Future Plans

get the bastard done it is 6 and a half year in the coming. i have built this truck twice now and i am ready to build what i have always wanted and i think that i am finally on the virge.

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