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Jason Gori
  • 1990 Chevy S-10
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1st Spring Kleen open bed radical 2003, 2nd place at a show in Taft


.Stock 2.5 4 cyl (CPS Edition).....certified piece of shit


.shaved all,(like my woman) sheet metal bed, 2003 Avalanch parking lights/head light, ragtop, electric raising license plate, body drop


.custom fabricated aluminumn dash and center console (not wood or glue or fiberglass or chicken wire, tan leather and suede seats, tweed panels


.Some cheap custom work by some rag-head at xtreme mobile media in Bakersfield (1701 Stine Rd to be exact) So if you whant to stop by and, chat with a lier and then pee on his foot then look for my main doon coon Jimmy and all the other daddy dip shits.


.air bags and .... well if you must know all the details just make something up yourself.


.20" all around wit spinners and tires made of rubber.


Future Plans

.Load the passenger seat up with 27 lbs of C4 and drive the truck through the front door of xtreme mobile media's shop and blow it up. After the fire burns out I will burn the mothafuckin ashes down.

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