oldloweightfo's 1984 Mazda B Series Truck Sundowner 1 view(s) today


  • 1984 Mazda B Series Truck Sundowner
  • Color: cream
  • Mileage: 82000


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oldloweightfo avatar
oldloweightfo   +1y
Added my 1984 Mazda B Series Truck!
zaminis avatar
zaminis   +1y
Dude I'm loving the old school flavour of your ride... I have to say well done... and keep that cover on... It really adds something to your 'look'
novacancy avatar
novacancy   +1y
damn it now I want a sundowner
baggedb22 avatar
baggedb22   +1y
Your trucks came along way! I love the OLD SCHOOL!
speedster93b avatar
speedster93b   +1y
looks pretty dope.
lofosho86 avatar
lofosho86   +1y
lookin sick as hell!
maztang (ryan) avatar
maztang (ryan)   +1y
updates??? truck is sick bro!
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