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astro/s-10 rear end swap

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is it possible to swap the stock astro van rear end with a stock s-10 rear end it is narrower and will come in handy for layin body with 20's or greater, are the yokes the same or will i need a new drive shaft, or does any one know of a rear end narrower then an astros that will fit right in, thanks in advance for any help.
Anything is possible. Take some measurements. I've had an astro and an S-10 and done some measurements on what your are thinking of doing. I believe the astro rear end is narrower then the S-10 rear end. Not sure if the leaf spring perches will line up? I'd simply head to salvage yard with a tape measure. Some people also mentioned that S-10 4x4 rear ends was slightly different also? Also will depend on if gen1 or gen2 dimes. Some research will be needed to find exactly what you want to do. It might be cheaper to simply have your rear end narrowed???? Cause swapping rear ends might need to change your U-joints and/or lengthen or shorten your drive shaft also??? Going to run a 4 link? Or cheap way out and do 2 link? There is alot of decisions to be made the more you think about it....
im gonna run a 4 link, and i thiought it was rather expensive to narrow a rear end, i have a 94 astro and was thinking a 2nd generation s10 axle was narrower, but not sure.
what bolt pattern is your astro? My 98 is 5 X 5. The S10 rear is a different bolt pattern. It is also WAY to narrow. I am using a 73-87 Chevy fullsize truck rear end. it is 2.5 inches narrower that the stock Astro. Let me know if you need anymore info. Jon
Can figure average prices comparing swapping rear ends per simply narrowing...
Average price of narrowing rear end $300+ (That is if can have axles resplined)
Average price of a new/used rear axle $400+
Reyoking a U-joint and turning/machining driveshaft to fit new rear end $40-$80
Also depends if you get lucky and shop around and find the best deals, or you stumble on someone that is 'getting rid of a rear end' that you just so happened are wanting and also how much work/knowledge you are going to put in also? Like I mentioned go to some salvage yards with a tape measure, do some research.
the astro rears are off set alot due to the motor being offset to the passenger side to give the drivers side more foot room for the pedals. I had my stock astro rear shortened locally at a speed shop and had the axles resplined at Mosier Engineering. I had both sides done the same amount so the offset would still be the same.
what did it cost rob?, Jon what did you have to change to get the 73-87 truck rear end to fit cause i can get one of those cheap, and im not worried about the lug pattern right now i cant afford rims for a while anyway, thanks again
just out of curiousity why do you need the rear end narrower. im running 20x8.5 with only +10 mm offset and the tuck and it would lay back bumper if i didnt have a hitch.
i sent the axles out to mosier and the cut and resplined then for $120 shipped. and then i took the housing and the shortened axles to the speed shop and they cut the housing and rewelded it for $150 so figure around $300 by the time I put new gear oil in it and had it all buttoned up.
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