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3/4 ton conversion on 1 ton dually.............

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any one do this..what do you build your arms to? plus 2? plus 3?..wanna be able to turn laid lokc to lock
Michigan Metal Works makes a set of conversion arms. I believe they are 2.5 or 2.75 wider than the 1 ton arms. I have used them personally and they bolted right up. I was able to turn lock to lock, the only limiting factor was the 24" tires rubbing the brake line tab, which can be moved or you can build in some steering stops. Using the 3/4 ton hubs allows for less camber curve as well.
yeh ill have to hit taylor building my own runnin 2z but i set the whole truck up for 4z...just tired of destroying my fenders..
yea, we have been doing a ton of these lately, its been crazy how popular they are. Im actually starting to keep these in stock when i can, so the wait might now be too bad really.

taylor i think i asked you but how much do recommend i legthen my arms over stock? also can i bj cups from you?
so you leaving it a 1ton and using the 3/4 ton arms or you changing it from a 1ton to a 3/4 ton
If you insist on building your own arms Funk, there are a few things to keep in mind. You cannot just build longer control arms by adding length to the design of the factory arm. If you do so the truck will have so much negative castor it will be un drivable. You can to move the balljoint out and also re-center it in the control arm. Its really hard to describe but you need to make the suspension function the same as it does now but longer. Since the control arms mounts at the frame are on an angle its not as simple as just adding length to the control arms.

This conversion is not to convert a dually to 3/4 ton but to add length to the control arms to help the geometry of the suspension and also allowing the suspension to be narrowed so turning at a lower height is possible. People keep saying its a conversion to 3/4 ton but really your using a 3/4 or 1 ton single rear wheel truck front hub. Its shorter than a dually hub so you can add length to the control arms without the wheels sticking out.

If you think you can figure out the math involved with building new control arms then go ahead, but I would recommend buying them if your not 100% confident.
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