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  • societyoutkast over a year ago
    so ive been doing some hunting for pics but maybe i'm not lookin in the righ places,but i got a ext cab 96 sierra short bed,has anybody slapped dually fenders on these trucks to covert them to a dually...and i have heard rumors of converting stock rear to accept dually wheels...and what has been done up front. thanks

  • domer over a year ago
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    I'm assuming you have a 3/4ton already, You can use your rear axle, but i wouldn't haul anything heavy. You need the dually spacers for the rear axle, and they make a big spacer for the front.. then an adapter if you want the 10 lug.. The fenders will just be body work.. Just go to the junkyard and find a dually there with the wheels on it already and that should give you most of your parts..

  • societyoutkast over a year ago
    no i got a reg half ton truck just want to see what could be done to convert it to a dually....and what the bed would look like with it being short and all

  • severedbrandon over a year ago
    Check out Canadas lowest on here he built one! Spindles swap right out I believe.

  • societyoutkast over a year ago
    thanks man...see i knew there is something that can be discoverd if you just ask !!!!

  • Lockone over a year ago
    Check out duallyscene.com. Several people on there have done this.

    The thing you are going to have to remember on the dually fenders is that your truck is a short box. Your gas filler access and neck will be in the way of the standard long bed fenders. You can try to find some used short box fenders but that will be probably near impossible. I try to suggest using factory fenders when doing this because alot of the aftermarket stuff just ends up being more work than is necessary.

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