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Creative Award Ideas for Car Shows

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Does anyone have pictures of some awards they saw at a car show that really grabbed their attention? Brainstorming some ideas.

Thank you,Aaron
Are you going to do custom trophies this year?

I'll give you the name of my super secret trophy painter in AZ.
Prolly not exactly what your looking for, but this was one of my favorites...

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relaxin at the rock in portland oregon always has funny wacky best of trophys that the members make

I dont have the pics on my computer ,but look-up jim catron (full armor customs) on facebook,some of the best hand made tropheys i have ever seen.They were for the Lasting Impressions Show Me Showdown.
A few I've done.

Also did the custom powder coated/aluminum trophies for Down To Earth Day 2010, and the name plates for Camp N Drag 2010, cant find pics tho.
A small company I used to own, killed it back in the day...

Here are some I did

Robbie From Pacific Coast Customs made these

here's one that i got at Relaxin' in So Cal 2010 for best engineered