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  • rockerdranger88 over a year ago
    hey, ive got a guy here in town who is wanting a paint job specificly done in Outrageous. all the local paint shops dont carry it nor can they order it. has anyone had any luck on geting some?

  • nissandoordragger over a year ago

    nerer heard of it but id be hesitant to do a full custom paint job for a customer with paint ive never used or heard of could come back to bite you in the ass and i looked it up and they look to have the same stufff house of kolor have dont know how familiar you are with them but personally id use hok

  • rockerdranger88 over a year ago

    yea exactly what i was thinking, i talked to him about HOK but hes wanting Outrageous. beats me why

  • severedmikey over a year ago
    probably saw some car in a magazine or online painted with it and is Convinced that he HAS to have it to get the same look.  If you want my opinion, YOURE the painter. He came to you because he doesnt know how to do it.  If he doesnt want to take your knowledge as to whats best to use; you dont want to paint his car! 

  • onelowminitruckr over a year ago
    The shop I work at we've done 15-20 Outrageous paint jobs. We Primarily use HOK but have been really happy with Outrageous. We only have 2 or 3 places in town that can get it. We even ended up buying left overs from another shop to have enough for one job, just b/c we couldn't find any anywhere.

  • spicy over a year ago
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    they have some badass flip flop paints .....and pearls  all the donks lately run outrageous paint round hurr   

  • rockerdranger88 over a year ago

    where in Jacksonville can i get it from? also whats the price differance between outrageous and HOK?

  • thalwr1 over a year ago
    I know this is a little older post but i can get it and ship it world wide Im a distributor for outrageous ad house of kolors. i can rarely keep any outrageous on the shelf theres a huge line. . only don fall s a color chart book for it is $125 and thats when i can get one.
    but pm me if you need more info.

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