What's the best upholstery glue?

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  • Jance Customs over a year ago
    I've used the 3M 77 and some of my panels are already starting to come unglued. What do the pro's use so I can do this once so it will last for years? I'm planning on doing numerous interior panels with curves etc. I need something that will stand up in high temperatures. Thanks!

  • Jance Customs over a year ago

    Thanks for the link! I don't mind a spray can, I'm just not sure if it will hold up like the stuff the pro's use? I have a paint gun so either way will work.

  • travis98s10 over a year ago

    Youre going to need a high solids gun with a huge tip to spray any type of glue effectively. I def wouldnt recommend using a nice paint gun.  

  • still_2_hi over a year ago

    Ya i have been told, you need a big tip and just buy a cheap gun, because you don't want to use it for paint after.

  • Jance Customs over a year ago

    Yeah that's true I didn't plan on using it for paint after I used the glue. It's just a cheap practice gun anyways.

  • Jance Customs over a year ago

    Thanks for the links! I've used some of the Weldwood glue for countertops before and so far I haven't had any problems with it. I'll give the upholstery Weldwood glue a try! Thanks again! Anyone else have anything different, just let me know.

  • artsar over a year ago

    I used a 3M can one time and it worked great. Never had an issue. I can't remember what its called now though. Just make sure to get one for the temp. I used a recommended one last time and the glue couldn't handle our "hot" canadian summers. The glue let go every day while I was at work and the headliner would be touching the seats. Its fixed now though. Anyone have a good recommendation for spray can glues?

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