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Just wondering does anybody run the gm 6.0 gas engine as a daily driver? Just wondering are they thristy for the fuel what can be done to them to help besides staying out of the gas pedal.Any bad things a guy should know about this engine?

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Not a terrible engine. Biggest problems they had was burning oil and leaking oil from the rear timing cover. Chevrolet says that 1qt every 1000 miles is normal consumption. My problem is that no amount of cosumption is normal in a properly broken in gas engine below 75k miles.   

i swapped my 5.3 out for a 6.0 prolly 6 months ago and i love it. .dependin on how i drive it 18-20mpg and mine is a cam truck with all bolt-ons. .im not tryin to prove anyone wrong but i've never had a bit of oil usage from mine

My buddy put a 6.0 in his sons reg cab truck and it gets and has descent gas mileage.  Good engine just take good care of it.

18-20??? Really??? I have a 2002 extended cab and around town I'm lucky to get 12 mpg. On roadtrips I can expect 16 mpg's. Is it because mine is an older motor, it has 114k on it. But it runs great and I haven't noticed a bunch of oil burning. -Stew-

My buddy has a 6.0 in his '04 extended cab. Custom ground Comp Cam, long tube headers, Procharger and few other things and he gets about 15-17 in town.

I have a 6 liter in my trailblazer and get 18 - 20mpg on average, even with the 4.10 rear.

wow i need to do a 6.0 swap, thats better gas mileage then my 4.8 5 speed.. i get like 17-18 and 20-22 on road trips
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