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Rack & Pinion on 2002 Ford Ranger!

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Got a 2002 Ford Ranger! Rack & Pinion is leaking!  Went to the auto parts store and went to get one and there is a difference in a Extended cab and a Regular cab! They didn't have them in stock for me to tell the difference so this is where Street Source comes into play! Any of you guys ever came across this and found out what the difference is? I know one is $160 and the other one is $225! I need to know the difference in the Extended cab and Regular cab Rack & Pinion! I cross referenced the inner and outer Tie rods and there the same on both models! I'm just wondering if its the mounting of each one or the Steering radius might be sharper because it the extended cab being longer! Some one please help me with this! I gotta have this thing ready by Spring Fling! Its my Tow Pig!  lol!

ranger as a tow pig....for what? hopefully not another truck!!!!!
Pulls my Nissan around just fine! Coming back from Scrapin The Coast at 90 with not that much strain! Did a rear end swap with 3.73 gears and rear disc brakes! It has no problems pulling nor stopping!

haha...thats funny.......about the rack. I would call the dealership and ask them or try a more reputable parts store like napa.
I went Advance and O'reily's and they looked at me like a retard when I ask what the difference was! I'm going to there main warehouse tomorrow to see if they will pull both of them and let me look at them! I gotta have this thing fixed.. After looking through different forums I see everyone has had alot of problems changing them.. So I need to get started like yesterday!

call the dealer!!!!!!

Humm interesting, I wouldn't think there would be anything different as far as the geometry goes, but maybe one does turn more than the other. Let us know what you find out.
I talked to a guy on eBay and he has several refurbished ones for sale and he said there isn't a difference in them. There the same but the Autoparts house shows two different part number and they say there is but I don't know what it is yet!  I will find out before buy'n because one is $75 cheaper!  lol.. I don't wanna go the junk yard route because of the fact it might be bad like mine is and I only have 75,000 miles on it! So I know them out there have more miles and prolly is bad already. I don't wanna order it from the guy on eBay because of the warranty fact.. I knmow he saids there is a warranty with his product but that means I would have to take it off and ship it back to him and wait for a new one to come back!  Rather do that at a local parts house!

yea i dont c how there would b a diffenece unless the track width was different or something which its not....
Nah! I even cross ref the spindles to see if they was dif but everything in the front of the ext cab and reg cab is the same! Only thing dif in the computer is the racks but few other people just told me they was the same! looks like I will be getting the reg cab one since its cheaper and just try my luck! I mean the warehouse has both of them in stock.. And its only 30 minutes away from my house so if I do have to swap it out for the Extended cab I will just go trade it back!