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1978 Datsun Need pic & ideas

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I recently picked up this 78 Datsun on a trade. I have never bagged a truck with torsion bars. Can someone post some pictures and give me some advice? I have a good idea of what I want for the rear. I mainly need some pictures for the front.

clean lil 620

if you've never bagged a truck with Torsion Bars, then i was going to suggest swapping the front clip of the frame with a toyota pickup front end to that truck.....that woulda made it easier, but its hard to swap a front clip
have you checked out Ratsun.netthey have very good info on datsun and some guys on there bag there 620

My cheesy skills

Does it have ball joints or kingpins in the front, i bet kingpins, but there are some 78's with ball joints? It should also be drum brakes. I would start with, because I am on mine, converting the front over to ball joints and disc using control arms built be Beebani (on here and on Ratsun) and hardbody/720 parts. There really isn't anything wrong with kingpin suspension, and you can leave it, but it is difficult to find parts for. Bagging a torsion truck is pretty simple. On a 620 you have to clearance a frame rail in to make room for the bag. A piece of big pipe cut in half works well. Someone already mentioned, there is a thread on there by Slammy and a few others that have bagged a 620.   

man thats a clean project...Ive always wanted one that body style!