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'69 C-10 Project

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My '69 Chevy Project. 
 The Beginning...
2 1/2" chop top...not too much because it's going to be sectioned. 
I stretched the roof instead of leaning the windshield... 

cool chop!
Thanks,   not to bad for a 15 year old eh? 

Judging from the rendering it looks like its going to be doored also?
Looking good
Thanks,   Yeah it's gonna have a full tube chassis, IRS, Sectioned body, and laying doors. If your gonna cut it up might as well go all the way! 

Right on...have you seen the 67 C-10 Iaccino Fabrication and Customs Chopped, Sectioned, and Doored?  I will try to find a pic.  I like your start!

^Thats Chris's truck he has an account on here his name is lowestsixty7.
yeah Ive seen his truck before its pretty sick.   He didn't lean the window either... Thats the way it should be. I saw a '67 with a leaned window chop and it looked disgusting.   anyway, right now im currently smoothing out the firewall, and cleaning the frame for a stockfloor b/d. 

 Here is a picture fixing a fuel line that for some reason burst on the new fuel pump that had been installed.Never fails coming down the home stretch.Check out Iaccino Fabrication & Customs on Facebook for some video of it driving around.I believe Chris has also posted the video on YouTube. Your truck is looking good.  Keep working at it.