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best spark plugs for f150

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im gonna get new spark plugs and it seems kinda important that i get good ones.  its a 4.6 v8.  what does anyone recommend?
Motorcraft for ford applications
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someone advised me to use the iridium's for my corolla (daily) because they'll up your mpg like crazy & i thought they were full of it, but auto zone owed me $25 in store credit, so i thought "what the hell?"  i used them & honest to god, i got 5-6 mpg difference.  they're about $8 ea, but eventually they'll pay for themselves.  i put a set in all of my vehicles!  motorcraft does make the iridum for fords too...  
awesome thanks.

use the motorcraft ones from ford there better than all the aftermarket ones out there

use the factory motorcraft plugs, everything as far as aftermarket plugs and wires are basically junk when it comes to our trucks.

autolite/motorcraft ftw

no autolite, just motorcraft

motorcraft is made by autolite....