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Body dropped nova

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I thought it was cool.

very cool.

My buddy was working on a pretty sic nova a few years back, it was amazing.

They are a pretty sick little car when layed out.

did that primered nove get sold on mautofied?
I have always wanted one layed out that body style
Originally posted by jsondrops

did that primered nove get sold on mautofied?

i dont know if it auctually got sold on mautofied, but it was posted on mautofied, and he eventually sold it. not sure if a guy from mautofied bought it or not.

its in alabama now, i would love to see updated pics of it.

damn, those are badass to begin with. even better body dropped.
i am pretty sure that was the same one,i would love to see some more pics of it too!
fukin badass! even better if it were a wagon!
i have a 62 4 door nova i need to get busy baggin.
oh my god I want one...