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Jig for Narrowing Rear End

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I am looking to narrow my rear axle housing and would like some pictures of what kind of jig or set up you use to do this. Also if you have any tips and tricks to share, I would appreciate those as well. I have a nbs '99 Silverado with a factory rear end but any pictures will help.

If anybody else has pics, feel free to post.
I don't narrow axles very often. Most of the time I just order a 9" rearend from Currie Enterprises.

Thanks Seth. That makes a little more sense now. Does anybody else have any pictures of homemade jigs or setups they have used in the past?
I did one like this a while ago, never had any issues.
Those chain clamps are the shit man, after you use them once you can't believe you ever did anything without them.
The guy that posted on pirate 4x4 is on the right track, I have narrowed rear ends and the set up I used was 2" and 2 1/4" solid round bar through the middle, believe it or not when you weld the tubes, TIG or MIG it still pulls and bends that 2" solid bar, but if you heat and cool the tubes until the bar slides out nicley then you know it is straight.
seth wouldnt your setup not work on an axle that had an offset tube diameter?
Originally posted by rizz0

seth wouldnt your setup not work on an axle that had an offset tube diameter?

take the same amount out of both sides.. then its still offset the same.
seth how did you make sure all the bearings lined up. The inner and outer bearing would have preload on them if they were not lined up.