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by CrossBreed
Alright, I'm wanting to build a s10 for drag racing. I plan on putting in a 502 big block from my own design BUT i need a stronger frame, any idea where I can get a mandrel bent frame for a s10. Questions though, will a 502 big block fit into an s-10
by TwistedMinis
Edited: 5/13/2007 8:52:05 PM by TwistedMinis

Auto Weld Chassis makes a frame that S10s will bolt to. Comes with a 9" rear end thats pretty narrow and a parrallel 4-link, and Mustang II suspension. They had one on Overhaulin once. I forget what motor they put in it, but it was ridiculous.
by bagd454ss
yeah it will fit. where are you at?
by grip
Strange makes a strut front end that works good.It ties into your roll cage and two small frame rails.You can buy all the frame work but I make my own.
by pimptruckman92
i think it was a blown 572 on the napa truck s10. it was bad
by WebCzar
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here ya go - Link to frame company (the NAPA build truck and so much more!)

by maximum
any good chassis shop can build one.i know a bad ass chassis shop that can build anything full frame
by BioMax
A BBC will fit in your engine compartment, if it fits under your hood...

You don't need to build a custom frame, you can just tie the roll cage into the stock frame and it will stiffen the chassis up considerably.
by TwistedMinis
You can fit a big block in an S10. My uncle had an S10 blazer with a 454 that fit under a cowl hood. He had no control arms to worry about with the headers though, that might make a big difference.
by impulse
Art Morrison?
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