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Heat not Working in Truck

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Edited: 1/30/2007 8:50:25 PM by twistedsdime

As the title states this morning I noticed the heat had stopped working. Its not blowing out any air at all so I think it might be the fuse. As you can tell in the picture below I don't have the dash in my truck any more so I don't know which fuse I need to check. Its a 98 s10 4 banger. Any help would be apreciated.

u could check the covers on the fuse boxes if u still have them, or get a haynes manual, or start checking all the fuses
Well obviously I don't still have the cover on the fuse box but I guess I will just have to check every fuse. i thought I would have gotten more help but I do apreciate you actually taking the time to respond.
I work at a autoparts store and everytime someones a/c - heater stops working "i think its a "fuse" be a man and hook direct power to your blower motor to see if its working if its not then looks to me like you need a blower motor and also its not a fuse its a relay. plus could be your A/C switch but most times you will be able to select different speeds
"Be a man and hook direct power". Now thats funny..... The only reason i said I thought it was a fuse was because nothing happens when I turn the heat on whether it defrost or ac or just regular vent nothing happens at all. And thats for speed 1,2,3, and 4. However I am still getting some heat come in while I am driving and of course the faster I go the warmer it gets. Thats why I am on SSM asking this question obviously I didn't know. If I wanted an asshole to respond then I would have went to my local parts store.
LMFAO you DS, you dont understand what im saying HOOK DIRECT POWER TO YOUR BLOWER MOTOR TO SEE IF YOUR BLOWER MOTOR IS ANY GOOD. WOW lol, seriously tho dude its just one of the easiest ways to find out whats the deal get you some small wire run it from the pos. and the neg. on the battery to the blower motor and listen to see if it is spinning if it is then ok find a way to check your relay if not then replace the damn blower motor
and to the part where you called me a asshole thank you i apperciate it its the way i am dont take offence to it
Its just not a good way to reply to someone when all they did was ask a question. Last time I check not everybody is born with the knowledge of knowing it all. Thats why I I could learn. I do apreciate your help though.
yea its cool try that out tho and let me know how it goes... and if your waundering what terminal to hook the pos or neg to on the blower motor dont matter just hook some juice and see if it works
Or you could use a test light and see if the motor is getting power...if its not its a fuse, a relay, or a broken wire...if it is getting power and the blower isnt spinning then its the blower..thats a hell of alot easier than jumping wires to the blower