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Breaking into a Toyota Tacoma

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My girlfriend locked her keys in her truck (1998 Toyota Tacoma)... What is the easiest way to get into it? She has a sliding rear window, and has mechanical locks and windows, so I cant just get a coat hanger in there to hit the switch. AAA said they would be 4 hours, and couldnt find where she was at (its a pretty big intersection). So should we just wait the 4 hours, or is there an easy way to get the rear slider open? Thanks
I just popped a flat head in my slider on my hardbody right in the middle of the latch and pulled side to side and it came open pretty quick
go to the dealership and they can cut a key for you
i work at one and we only charge $6.75 to cut a key for a toyota.
tacomas are super easy to slim jim open
Big rock and a vaccuum.
Sorry not familiar on how to break in. Good luck.
How would I get a key cut (do I just give them the VIN?)? What do they need to do it? The actual owner (her stepdad) is out of town, so will I be able to get one done?
My ranger sliding window will open if you hit it hard enough. Just take the palm of yoru hand and give it a good pound pushing the window in and open. Trust me, youd have to hit that bitch hard as a bitch to break it. So just beat on it until the latch gets that extra bit of room and itll pop right open.
you can take a flat head screwdriver and a putty knife and get the seal out ina matter of kid locked hisself in my boddys truck when he was really young..I popped the rear ne pice window out in about 40 seconds..and I had never tried it before..went right back in damage..
you have to call toyota its a 1-800 number, unless you bought your toyota from the dealership, if you purchased it from them they will have your key code in their computers, if not then call the 1-800 number give them your vin number and they will check proof of ownership, and release your key code to the dealership of your choice, then just go to the dealership and pick it up, tell em u just want them to cut you a spare key, and ask the dealership for your key code.
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Take a putty knife and slide it between the sliding windows and tap the handle.
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