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Center Stage Customs C-10 build #2

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Edited: 8/13/2006 8:55:17 PM by Center Stage Customs

welp before the first C10's done, we're gonna take on another pretty nice C10 build

this ones a 72 C-10, came as a pretty ugly bagged truck on a set of 17s

the plan now is to swap it out for all C4 IFS and IRS components , gonna run shock waves at all 4s and make a new back half for it, then take care of the front with one of the SICKEST cross members that the dudes over there at Porter Built Street Rods is takin care of and then a nice set of 20/22" Bonspeeds

Gonna constantly keep progress flowin on this thread kinda like my boy JR did with the other C10

Heres pic of the 1st C10 for anyone who's never seen

But as for the new build, today we pulled it apart and got the cab off and got the frame up on the table and will be ready to get down to serious biz here in the next week!!!

couple pics of what we started with and where we're going with it

just kind of a start for now , but definently gonna be some shit that will blow your mind !!!! Hope you guys approve of what we're doing

HEY MAN LOOKS SICK...u guys gonna do control arms in front and if so what kind?? only ones ive found so far are strong arms...just wonderin if anything else out there
well we're just gonna build the shockwave mounts and what not around the C4 stuff we got, but for the other C10 frame just threw a jig together and made the arms for those, that one was fairly simple, ART is your best bet for buying em though.

If your needing a set feel free to get ahold of me , i'll help ya out

Edited: 8/6/2006 2:11:44 PM by Center Stage Customs

Here's a picture of that Porter Built Dropmember we're using

i'd love to see what you guys are goin to do with that irs... i'm goin to be running on on my s10 so any pics of that will be greatly appreciated
we're gonna start building around it here soon, gotta a couple small things to finish before we get to that but for sure will post pics as we go
I might try changing the C4 irs setup around a little bit and try to do an A arm setup. The thing that's going to be the most trouble will be the hub carriers. I'll have to machine up a custom set. I've never see something like that done with a C4.
This is gonna be sweet! I'm definately following this one.
hope it does come out bitchin like we hope definently keep updating pictures as we go along
hey where can u get them crossmembers from and bout how much they run?