5x4.5 lug pattern

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  • droppedmitsu over a year ago
    Which popular cars have the 5x4.5 lug pattern(i think thats the toyota pickup lug pattern right)? Thanks

  • Dragthatchit over a year ago
    all ford cars, thats a pretty broad subject?!?

  • droppedmitsu over a year ago
    Edited: 5/26/2006 4:39:22 PM by dropped87mitsu

    well i was just looking for some specific FWD cars so that i could easier search for that lug pattern in a fwd offset. if u get what i mean

    also, 5x4.5 is the 89-95 toyota pickup lug pattern correct(sorry, I have a 6 lug mitsu and am goin to switch to 5 lug toyota pattern)

  • lo75lux over a year ago
    oldsimobile aurora

  • awj81 over a year ago
    ford ranger

  • bagged300mondubs over a year ago
    fwd chryslers, dodges, nissans, mazdas, lexus, toyota, mitsubushi, fords

    very popular bolt pattern!

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