Self Etching Primer VS. Epoxy Primer

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  • Iownissan over a year ago
    which is better to use on bare metal? i've heard different things from different people. i need the facts on why one is better than the other.

  • helldawg over a year ago
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    I use PPG ncp-271 on bare metal restoration and full show custom projects just because of its etching quality...It helps prevent rust...I still use ncp-250 for most all my reguler body work,but I say go with the 271...Both primers are high build too...

  • 1redchvy over a year ago
    House of Color

    we stripped mine to bear metal and used HOK, its a filler and a to metal primer........

  • jmn444 over a year ago
    i use variprime, then uro prime on top of that... IF you do a epoxy prime, do a little research on it and I think you'll want to topcoat it w/ a more sandable primer right away, once that shit cures it's hard as hell. I've only used it on floorboards before, so i didn't need to sand it, just undercoated over it and it's been fine...

  • granth over a year ago
    I have talks with Jon from KKC numerous times on this, and he says to strip/epoxy/bodywor/urethane prime i believe, whatever it is u prime with normally, over the body work and epoxy.

  • Iownissan over a year ago
    yea my original plans consisted of strip>epoxy>body filler>eurathane prime>block sand

    but then i heard that i shouldnt use an epoxy and that i should use a self etching primer instead and then do the rest of the steps i listed.

  • idragmazda over a year ago
    any of the ppg DP LF primers are best for laying down on bare metal. they ensure rust protection and completely seal out the undercoat that way your paint lays out fine and have no chemical reactions. I suppose you can use the etch primer (the NCP), i guess its just like a "newer" technology for rust prevention as a primer, since the DP stuff has been around for a while. the only thing about DP is its 'non sanding' and its not high build. so i'd probably DP (epoxy) whatever it is your doing, then do the bodywork directly over that, then use a high build (such as K3 or that NCP then epoxy it again to seal it up one last time before paint/clear.

  • idragmazda over a year ago
    and if you WANTEd to use the epoxy as a sealer you could do that to, all you need to do is use a DT line of reducers, as well as the 401/402LF catalyst.

  • BodyDragginGMC over a year ago
    so it looks like a metter of opinion? Do you guys preffer DP-90 or Epoxy primer on bare metal?

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