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2006 Mega Cab static drop

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I'm looking for a 2/4, 3/5 or something close to that drop kit for a Mega Cab. I've checked all the places i can think of but nothing. It's a 3/4 ton, would springs and shackles off an older model fit? Or off a 1 ton?
Call up McGaugheys,or DJM and ask them. I am sure an older model will work I dont think they changed to much....only difference would be pinion angle might change.
The only thing that changed on the megs cab is the cab itself . suspension is all the same as far as lifting them . They just dont have a listing for most of the 06 stuff yet

Contact that guy.. he deals only in dodges.. awsome customer service
Cool thanks guys.

his name is brian, he supplied me with an awesome deal on my suspension.

we are all over at
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