2006 Mega Cab static drop

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  • 03on22s over a year ago
    I'm looking for a 2/4, 3/5 or something close to that drop kit for a Mega Cab. I've checked all the places i can think of but nothing. It's a 3/4 ton, would springs and shackles off an older model fit? Or off a 1 ton?

  • bill brasky over a year ago
    Call up McGaugheys,or DJM and ask them. I am sure an older model will work I dont think they changed to much....only difference would be pinion angle might change.

  • DragnAzz68 over a year ago
    The only thing that changed on the megs cab is the cab itself . suspension is all the same as far as lifting them . They just dont have a listing for most of the 06 stuff yet

  • 03on22s over a year ago
    Cool thanks guys.

  • viper24 over a year ago

    his name is brian, he supplied me with an awesome deal on my suspension.

    we are all over at dodgetruckworld.com.

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