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raised cross member on a c10

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whats involved in this

do you have to do anything with the motor mounts
its a pain in the ass, better to Z the frame. we will be selling a modded crossmember soon, 350 plus 100 core charge, or send us a stock one. check out this thread its very helpful. It will probably convince you to Z your frame instead. Its the better way to go!
hey mike where are going to have that crossmember done what to pay one. will drive out to get it thanks. by the way are going to ship out my a arm today this is bill higginbotham thanks
you'll have to wait five months for his cross member.....
they may be 5 months away, but only because we may not get to building them till then. we also wont take an order for them yet and promise any out until we are sure we will be selling them.

so the smartass comment wasnt necassary. we also dont take any orders for anything we cant finish in less than 4 weeks now. we are getting back closer to catching up, gathering steam... then what will all you bitches say??


thanks to all our loyal customers who have stuck with us.

the crossmember will most likely be priced at 350, plus a core or trade in.

might check this link.. give you an idea whats involved
thats similar to how we will be doing ours.

we are building a vat to clean the parts in and also a jig to make the cuts and welds.

I also think that the best solution for this of you have large wheels is a raised lower crossmember and a Z of the frame along with drop spindles. that way when its layed out or really low driving you have hardly any camber change.

I know thats alot of work, but if you do both, theres less to cut into the cab floor for the trans and also easier to lay rocker.

then you only have to cut about 2 inches off the bottom of the frame under the cab about where your feet are to lay body. just plate in the bottom of the frame and poof, pseudo body drop. no body drop needed... easier in the long run.